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Super 8 Hotels

Your Home-Away-From-Home

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Bâton Rouge Restaurant

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Go Montreal Hotels, Restaurants, Festivals & more...

Welcome to Go Montreal! A site entirely dedicated to one of the most exciting cities in the world. Montreal is known for its superb cuisine, vibrant nightlife, festivals, sunny terraces, cultural diversity and that special joie de vivre (joy of life), that Montrealer's are famous for. So come discover with us, all the big names, hidden gem, famous spots and the newly discovered, all waiting just for you!

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Montreal Festivals & Attractions

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Warhammer Vampire Counts Crypt Fiends - JYS86 Montreal Attractions

Montreal Attractions

Montreal Quebec is a unique and fascinating city offering exciting entertainment and cultural diversity. A place where people from all around the globe come together to enjoy a Canadian city with a European flair. An island set along the almighty St. Lawrence River, Montreal is known as the city built around a mountain. Enjoy our spectacular views from one of the many mountain lookouts, when on a clear day you can see forever.

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  • Montreal Events
    Warhammer Vampire Counts metal Zacharias the Everliving on Zombie Dragon

    Montreal Events

    Concerts, Cirque de Soleil and live shows at the Old Port.

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  • Just For Laughs

    Sometimes shocking but always hilarious, hold on for the belly laugh of your life!

Montreal Nightlife

The second largest city in Canada, Montreal has a reputation of being the place to go if you want to have fun. It’s part of our culture and in our blood. When other cities are rolling up their sidewalks at night, we are just getting the evening started! Montreal is known as a party town and our club scene is proof of that. We attract famous D.J’s from around the world and they can often be seen at top clubs like New City Gas, Stereo Nightclub and Le Belmont sur le Blvd. Check out these clubs and more in our nightlife section.

So come and explore the many clubs, pubs and festivals we have to offer!

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