DECORATE CUPCAKE SET & BAKE spiiuc7805-Toys & Games

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Special Hobby 1 48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc Malta Defenders

DECORATE CUPCAKE SET & BAKE spiiuc7805-Toys & Games

What I do

I Grow Companies

I help companies grow through my marketing agency, Web Profits and build & grow my own SaaS companies through Ramp Ventures.

In my 13 years of internet marketing I have led the digital marketing strategy for companies like Sales Force, Mint, Zillow, Linkedin and many other Fortune 500 companies. Last year I helped drive 8.2 milion unique visitors to my client`s sites.

I`ve been featured in

Sujan has a mind for marketing - from Growth Hacking to Branding and from SEO to Distribution - that is absolutely unparalleled.

Lincoln Murphy Chief Evangelist, Gainsight

Sujan is by far the most growth-driven marketer I`ve ever worked with. His aggressive go-to-market attitude redefines demand generation as a unique competitive advantage for the companies he works with, not just a growth strategy.

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Chad Halvorson CEO of When I work

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DECORATE CUPCAKE SET & BAKE spiiuc7805-Toys & Games

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DECORATE CUPCAKE SET & BAKE spiiuc7805-Toys & Games

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