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Chancellor's Office System Operations

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Our systemwide Strategic Vision articulates bold goals for improving student success. The Guided Pathways initiative is an organizing framework to align and guide all initiatives aimed at achieving the Strategic Vision goals.
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Information Regarding Undocumented Students

Explore resources intended to help students and colleges in the time of uncertainty about immigration policies related to the new administration in Washington D.C. Read the Board of Governors resolution affirming support for undocumented students here.

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Executive Office Executive

The mission of the California Community Colleges Board of Governors and the Chancellor's Office is to empower the community colleges through leadership, advocacy and support. The California Community Colleges Board of Governors and the chancellor share a vision of a better future for Californians by exemplifying exceptional leadership, advocacy and support on behalf of the community colleges. Their guidance provides access to lifelong learning for all citizens and creates a skilled, progressive workforce to advance the state’s interests.

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The California Community Colleges Board of Governors sets policy and provides guidance for the 72 districts and 115 colleges that constitute the system. The 17-member board is appointed by the governor and formally interacts with state and federal officials and other organizations. The board also selects a chancellor for the system. The chancellor, through a formal process of consultation, brings recommendations to the board. The Consulation Council is chaired by the chancellor and meets once per month to review and evaluate policy proposals and related issues.

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The primary goal of the staff in the Student Services and Special Programs Division is to ensure that all students have access to the community college courses needed to achieve their educational objectives and the support to help them complete their goals.

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Technology & Research Technology & Research

The Technology, Research and Information Services Division staff strives to improve education and educational services and is committed to innovation and student success. They develop programs and partnerships that change the way educational institutions operate and educate students.

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Institutional EffectivenessInstitutional Effectiveness

The Institutional Effectiveness Division oversees the development and operation of a comprehensive technical assistance program to further student success. The program overlays every division of the Chancellor’s Office – including academic affairs, student services, economic & workforce development, research, and fiscal - and will develop a framework of indicators focused on accreditation, fiscal viability, student performance, and compliance with state and federal guidelines.

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Academic Affairs Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Division is responsible for providing state-level review of community college curriculum and instructional support activities. The division is committed to providing leadership and technical assistance to enhance the capacity of the community colleges in a variety of areas.

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The College Finance and Facilities Planning Division oversees the formulation of policies that determine the distribution of local assistance and capital outlay funds for the 72 community college districts. The division staff oversees the construction and remodeling of new buildings and centers.

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Workforce and Economic Development Workforce & Economic Development

The Workforce & Economic Development Division is responsible for supporting instruction, managing grants to community colleges and providing technical assistance. The division staff coordinates jobs and career opportunities for community college graduates to advance California’s economic growth and global competitiveness.


Governmental Relations  Governmental Relations

The Governmental Relations Division represents the Chancellor's Office before the Legislature and executive branch of the state and federal government. In addition, it is responsible for formulating and advancing the legislative agenda of the system.

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